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  • Material: Our bungee balls made of the highest grade polyester and latex materials the elastic rope has good abrasion resistance can provide enough tension and firm fixation nylon elastic rubber band rope loop with plastic ball head weatherproof durable and resistant
  • Features and design: Our tent bungee hooks is different from hooks. The tarp bungee balls has a very good elastic design which can better fix the tent in the proper position will not damage the skin and is easy to carry and use so you can carry it anywhere.
  • Installation Method: Pass the rope through the hook/eyelet then pull the loop onto the plastic ball. Fix the tarpaulin sun visor boat cover tent awning and flag in a fixed position. By moving it slightly the life of the tarp can also be extended.
  • How to use: Just pass the grommet and support then lock it on the ball. Depending on the project you can hook the loop end to an object or other bungee jumpingor slide the ball end into a hook or other fastener or use the entire object as a small single-chain loop
  • Wide applications: Bungee ball cords is ideal for fixing waterproof tarps tents flags blankets trampolines very suitable for boating camping dragging farms shops and also useful when storing electrical wires and garden hoses.