2pcs EVONIX G23 Implant Grade Titanium Internally Threaded Jewellery 12mm 16g Barbell – Hypoallergenic Titanium Barbell 16g Cartilage Bar Eyebrow Rook Earrings Piercing Jewellery


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  • INTERNALLY THREADED – The internal thread of this bridge piercing jewellery ensures no skin contact between the threading and your piercing when fitting. Because of the inside threading on this eyebrow barbell straight you get optimal piercing comfort and a faster healing process! The best option for fresh piercings as recommended by piercing professionals the world over
  • 100% BIOCOMPATIBILITY – This titanium barbell earrings for women is made from implant grade 23 surgical Titanium (Ti6AL4VELI) and is the recommended material for initial primary and healed piercings. Titanium body jewellery has superior biocompatibility and is half the weight of niobium and surgical steel so it creates less movement stress on your piercings
  • DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT COMFORTABLE – This Titanium cartilage barbell earring 16g is not only more light-weight but it is also significantly tougher than niobium and stainless steel 16g 12mm nipple barbell. You will barely notice you are wearing your barbell earring balls with ultimate piercing comfort. The smooth polished surface and extreme corrosion-resistant properties serve for physiological acceptance and decorative effect
  • PIERCING STYLES – Use for internally threaded jewellery piercings. Associated terms: barbell jewellery for ears cartilage barbell earring helix stud earring 16g bar earrings for cartilage helix piercing earrings body jewellery barbell 12mm titanium barbell 16g titanium barbell straight
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Barbell length: 12mm (1/2). Gauge: 16g (1.2mm). Ball size: 3mm. This 16g titanium barbell straight is easy to fit because both balls unscrew allowing better access to change out your piercing. This titanium 16g barbell is suitable for sensitive skin