6PCS Surgical Steel Straight Barbell 14g 6mm 8mm 4mm Ball Cartilage Tragus Helix Rook Earrings Daith Piercing Jewellery 4604


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  • SURGICAL STEEL is the material of this barbell earrings. The implant grade 316L Surgical Steel 14g barbell earrings is Bio-Compatible CORROSION RESISTANCE EASY TO CLEAN. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS : cartilage earring barbell 6mm barbell 14g helix earring stud surgical stainless steel barbell.
  • ANODIZED COATING piercing barbell 14g not only inhibits infection but gives these straight barbell a great durable resistant color that you can rely on. Jewelry can be used for cartilage earring surgical steel conch ring 14g tiny eyebrow ring Frowny helix stud earring ear lobe piercing jewelry Pinna Rim.
  • UNIFORM SIZING means these barbell jewelry can be worn in a variety of piercings; Auricle Cartilage Helix Lip Lobe Medusa Pinna Rim Snake Bites Spider Bites Monroe Labret Tragus and many more.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT barbell piercing jewelry are comfortable easy to insert and barbell jewelry 14g won’t drag your piercing down.These cartilage earring stud pack jewelry are perfect for stainless steel cartilage stud conch stud earring 14g helix cartilage earring tongue rings for men .
  • YOU WILL GET Six pieces of barbell earring ball ends. Three pieces of 14g (1.6mm) 1/4″ (6mm) 316L Surgical Steel straight barbell bar 4mm ball ends. Three pieces of 14g (1.6mm) 5/16″ (8mm) 316L Surgical Steel barbell earrings stud 4mm ball ends.