6PCS Surgical Steel Straight Barbell 18 Gauge 5/16 8mm 3mm Ball Tragus Cartilage Daith Earrings Helix Piercing Jewellery 6352


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  • SURGICAL STEEL is the material of this barbell piercing earrings. The implant grade 316L Surgical Steel is Bio-Compatible CORROSION RESISTANCE EASY TO CLEAN.
  • SIMPLE STYLE straight barbell earrings are plain effortless to attach and don’t fall out. Jewelry can be used for : ear cartilage piercing kit conch ring jewelry eyebrow rings 18g helix piercing kit ear lobe earrings 18g tragus stud.
  • UNIFORM SIZING means these cartilage barbell earrings can be worn in a variety of piercings; Auricle Cartilage Helix Lip Lobe Medusa Pinna Rim Snake Bites Spider Bites Monroe Labret Tragus and many more.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT barbell cartilage earring are comfortable easy to insert and won’t drag your piercing down. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS : barbell body jewelry cartilage earring stud pack 18g barbell earrings 18 gauge 8mm barbell short straight barbell barbell earring balls stainless steel barbell 18g.
  • YOU WILL GET Six pieces of 316L Surgical Steel straight barbells ball ends. Six pieces of 18g (1mm) 5/16″ (8mm) 316L Surgical Steel barbells jewelry 3mm steel ball end.